Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Canadian Screen Awards

As a Canadian I like to support Canadian products and achievements. Although award shows aren't my thing, when a friend offered tickets to the Canadian Screen Awards, I had to jump on the offer. Hosted by the ever so funny Martin Short, it turned out to be a wonderful night, filled with friends, laughs and wine! A well deserved break from my crazy schedule during midterms, dressing up and having a night out with the girls was heavenly. My outfit was both playful and sophisticated. With a flowy satin dress, paired with a structured jacket to ensure the best of both worlds. Here's a shot from my evening! Congrats to all the Canadians and once again I am so proud to be Canadian. Enjoy!

Satin Dress: Calvin Klein, Blazer: BCBG, Boots: David Dixon, Belt: Vintage.

- M

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Winter Brights Fill me with Delight

As a Canadian, I endure extremely long winters, beginning often in November and lasting well into March, sometimes even April. What makes the short days filled with little sun a little brighter is dressing, well brighter. This season fashion reflected this idea with lots of bright sweaters and bags. My personal favourite bright being bubble gum pink, this is just one of my many bright items. The best part about brights, they transition perfectly into spring. So when the somewhat awkward progression happens, from winter to spring, you have the perfect mid-seasonal change ready to go! Why no enjoy the winter as best you can with fun colours!

Velvet Top: J. Crew, Zipper Blazer: Forever 21, Necklace: Vintage

- M

Monday, 11 February 2013

These Boots Were Made For Strutting

I am head over wedges in love with these boots, they are over the knee, black suede heeled wedges with a gold zipper along the back. These sky-scraper boots have a 5in heel but feel like I'm walking on air. I have had the same pair of knee-high heeled booties for quite some time and wore the life out of them, thus the replacement. Heeled booties are an essential for every chic woman's wardrobe as they replace heels during the dullest months of the winter. Easier to walk in and much warmer for your feet and legs, knee high or over the knee boots are a must. So here's mine, paired with a casual dress for a night at the bar. Also perfect with jeans, skirts and legginings. I wear these boots to work, school and out. Enjoy!

Boots: David Dixon, Dress: Firefly. 

- M

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bring on the New Year

Happy 2013 Everyone!!!

I first want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I love the holidays and the whole month of December because it is all about giving, spreading cheer and trying to be a better 'you'. This year I reflected back on 2012 and realized I accomplished a lot and am really proud of myself. Last year I made an extremely long list of resolutions and things I wanted to accomplished and I succeed in almost everything. This year I am looking to do more of the same. I graduate from university this spring which means many things are going to change. But as always I want to approach each challenge and opportunity with grace, style and determination. My biggest, or rather, most pressing and important resolution is to write my grandmother's memoir. Let me know what your resolutions are! Here's a picture from Christmas Eve with my older brother and my younger sister. Enjoy and Bring on the New Year!!!

Myself (far right): Lace Top: Talula, Skirt: Talula, Lipstick: Smashbox Fig

Julia (middle): Patterned top: Vero Moda, Black Skirt: Banana Republic

- M

Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Guide to .. Baby it's Cold Outside

For most of us Canadians, the winter is a very difficult time when it comes to fashion. When the ideal winter day is one where it's about plus 5degrees C and with a light snow and the sun is shinning brightly, Canadians can get down to -40degrees C with windchill. Toronto definitely has much more pathetic winters being south and a large city, but this past weekend I was in Montreal and boy was it cold! My friends and I planned a full day exploring Old Montreal and Mont-Royal, meaning bundling was a necessity. My question; how do I look chic while dressing warmly? Enjoy and stay warm!!!

A Guide to .. Winter Wonderland Chic

  • First and Foremost; dress warmly. There is nothing chic about being freezing. Looking comfortable is always essential in regards to fashion, and dressing appropriate for the weather is always chic. Meaning layer up, wear wools and don't be afraid to wear boots, hats and mittens! Faux fur is in right now which is perfect! I've seen wonderful shawls, Russian hats, vests and more!
  • Boots are essential for keeping warm and the great news is women now have lots of options! My winter getaway outfit included Sorels, but these are not the Sorels you wore as a child. They come in different styles and colour combinations and what's perfect is they have a short booties that come just over the ankle. They are made a little bit more narrow which prevents the foot from looking like big-foot. UGG also has a line of winter boots ranging up to about $400. These are waterproof as well however probably not as warm as Sorels which promise warmth up to -40degrees C. 
  • Hat Tricks - Wearing something on your head is just as important as wearing something warm on your feet as heat escapes from your feet and head. Below you will see I wore earmuffs which protect your ears and part of my head. Although probably a hat would be best, my ears were warm and they are super cute in white, pink and red. Note: I have a hand-knit, hand made headband to cover your ears however the wind goes right through it. It's super cute and I got it through a friend but it's more for show then for really cold days. Make sure the material of your hat or headband is thick enough to hold up against the cold!

Below is my adventure to the top of Mont-Royal in Montreal, Quebec with some of my friends. Please note my boots in the second picture. They are basic Sorels but I am head-over-heels in love with them. We spent the entire day outside and my feet were never cold. On the other hand my friend in her Steve Madden black boots thought her feet would fall off. Never forget that dressing smart is dressing chic!

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Old Montreal Lights

Jacket: Espirt, Cashmere Scarf: Burberry, Earmuffs: Coach, Boots: Sorels, Mittens: Talula

- M

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Read My Lips .. or rather, Shoes

I would describe my style as rather simple, I do not like to go over top, but keeping it clean, chic and fashion-forward. However when it comes to shoes, that's where I like to have my fun. Having a bold shoe can turn an outfit from boring to fab in one swift motion. As noted on my Fall Fashion Wish List, I really wanted leopard print shoes, and here is my first of many pairs to come.

A Guide to ... Wearing a Statement Shoe

  • The purpose of a Statement is to let the item speak for itself. Try to keep all other loud items to a minimum, especially items of the same nature. I would not pair another leopard print item with my leopard print shoe, as it would take away from the shoe's wow factor. In my outfit I paired a very simply ensemble, with neutral colours, with the focus being on my shoes and with a little pop of dark brown lipstick to add fun around my face. Although in the pictures it is difficult to see, the T-Shirt I am wearing has interesting side slits for detailing to keep the outfit still interesting.
  • Make the outfit flow. Even though the focus is on the statement piece, your outfit still needs flow and balance. Keep in mind the basic elements of a chic outfit and don't get too carried away. Remember to balance the top with the bottom, keep everything well fitting and not too tight, and have fun!
  • Don't go outside your comfort zone!!! A statement piece is supposed to be bold, but it can not outshine you. Clothes and fashion are meant to let you express your inner self with your exterior. Don't try to wear something you don't feel comfortable with because it will show. Never sacrifice your own personality and comfort levels for fashion or trends.

The Statement Shoe.

Leopard Print Bootie: Kate and Mel, Spandex Leggings: American Apparel, High Slit T. Shirt: Wilfred, Jean Jacket: Guess

- M

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Guide To .. Black is the New Black

Today my post is my first of 'A Guide To ..', and the first post; Wearing All Black. Black is a stable in most people's wardrobe, even someone like myself who prefers colour colour colour. Black is inevitable, however there is a huge difference as using black in an outfit, and wearing all black as an outfit. Today's guide is for all those who struggle, like myself with the All Black reality of many work dress codes. So how does one still look chic, fun and stylish while wearing all black. Don't look drab blahh or like you're going to a funeral everyday. Follow some of these tips and you'll be good to go!

A Guide To .. Wearing All Black

  • The first thing is putting the right items together. Of course a black dress is always the easiest and most simple way to do All Black, but no one has enough black dresses to make that their complete work wardrobe (and if you do, I'm jealous). The key is picking unusual items together, and ones of different textures, breaking up the black. By having different materials and textures, it makes the outfit look less like one big black blob. This will also add interest which colour would normally do. Also by having unexpected waist-lines or cuts within the outfit creates interest. With either a super high-waisted short as will appear below, or a very interesting neckline, this will add interest again where colour can not.
  • ACCESSORIZE ACCESSORIZE ACCESSORIZE By adding fun accessories - perhaps with colour if permitted - you can add pops of interest in subtle ways. If jewelry is allowed to be of colour then this is a small yet powerful way to add some colour near your face. As someone who is very pale, this is my problem; I get drowned out in all black, so I always try to keep colour near my face .. which leads us to the next point
  • Make up can allow for application of colour as well. Here I did a bold bright red lip to match my fun red anchor earrings. You need to keep in mind appropriateness however when playing with makeup. It is still your place of work and sophistication, elegance, and professionalism is always a must. Meaning if you do a bold lip, keep the eye-makeup to a minimum. If you choose to brighten up the eye with colour then keep a neutral lip. And as always, makeup is meant to highlight one's beauty, not cover up or create a new face. 
Take a look at my version of Black on Black on Black

With my outfit I have mixed interesting lines; a high-waisted short with different textures, using textured tights and pairing sheering with a cotton short. I also have fun accessories; a long necklace, anchor red earrings and studded flats. I also added a bold lip to match my earrings and to bring colour around my face. 

Sheer Shirt: Forever 21, Shorts: Talula, Studded Flats: Sam Edelman, Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC

- M