Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Read My Lips .. or rather, Shoes

I would describe my style as rather simple, I do not like to go over top, but keeping it clean, chic and fashion-forward. However when it comes to shoes, that's where I like to have my fun. Having a bold shoe can turn an outfit from boring to fab in one swift motion. As noted on my Fall Fashion Wish List, I really wanted leopard print shoes, and here is my first of many pairs to come.

A Guide to ... Wearing a Statement Shoe

  • The purpose of a Statement is to let the item speak for itself. Try to keep all other loud items to a minimum, especially items of the same nature. I would not pair another leopard print item with my leopard print shoe, as it would take away from the shoe's wow factor. In my outfit I paired a very simply ensemble, with neutral colours, with the focus being on my shoes and with a little pop of dark brown lipstick to add fun around my face. Although in the pictures it is difficult to see, the T-Shirt I am wearing has interesting side slits for detailing to keep the outfit still interesting.
  • Make the outfit flow. Even though the focus is on the statement piece, your outfit still needs flow and balance. Keep in mind the basic elements of a chic outfit and don't get too carried away. Remember to balance the top with the bottom, keep everything well fitting and not too tight, and have fun!
  • Don't go outside your comfort zone!!! A statement piece is supposed to be bold, but it can not outshine you. Clothes and fashion are meant to let you express your inner self with your exterior. Don't try to wear something you don't feel comfortable with because it will show. Never sacrifice your own personality and comfort levels for fashion or trends.

The Statement Shoe.

Leopard Print Bootie: Kate and Mel, Spandex Leggings: American Apparel, High Slit T. Shirt: Wilfred, Jean Jacket: Guess

- M

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