Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Guide to .. Baby it's Cold Outside

For most of us Canadians, the winter is a very difficult time when it comes to fashion. When the ideal winter day is one where it's about plus 5degrees C and with a light snow and the sun is shinning brightly, Canadians can get down to -40degrees C with windchill. Toronto definitely has much more pathetic winters being south and a large city, but this past weekend I was in Montreal and boy was it cold! My friends and I planned a full day exploring Old Montreal and Mont-Royal, meaning bundling was a necessity. My question; how do I look chic while dressing warmly? Enjoy and stay warm!!!

A Guide to .. Winter Wonderland Chic

  • First and Foremost; dress warmly. There is nothing chic about being freezing. Looking comfortable is always essential in regards to fashion, and dressing appropriate for the weather is always chic. Meaning layer up, wear wools and don't be afraid to wear boots, hats and mittens! Faux fur is in right now which is perfect! I've seen wonderful shawls, Russian hats, vests and more!
  • Boots are essential for keeping warm and the great news is women now have lots of options! My winter getaway outfit included Sorels, but these are not the Sorels you wore as a child. They come in different styles and colour combinations and what's perfect is they have a short booties that come just over the ankle. They are made a little bit more narrow which prevents the foot from looking like big-foot. UGG also has a line of winter boots ranging up to about $400. These are waterproof as well however probably not as warm as Sorels which promise warmth up to -40degrees C. 
  • Hat Tricks - Wearing something on your head is just as important as wearing something warm on your feet as heat escapes from your feet and head. Below you will see I wore earmuffs which protect your ears and part of my head. Although probably a hat would be best, my ears were warm and they are super cute in white, pink and red. Note: I have a hand-knit, hand made headband to cover your ears however the wind goes right through it. It's super cute and I got it through a friend but it's more for show then for really cold days. Make sure the material of your hat or headband is thick enough to hold up against the cold!

Below is my adventure to the top of Mont-Royal in Montreal, Quebec with some of my friends. Please note my boots in the second picture. They are basic Sorels but I am head-over-heels in love with them. We spent the entire day outside and my feet were never cold. On the other hand my friend in her Steve Madden black boots thought her feet would fall off. Never forget that dressing smart is dressing chic!

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Old Montreal Lights

Jacket: Espirt, Cashmere Scarf: Burberry, Earmuffs: Coach, Boots: Sorels, Mittens: Talula

- M

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Read My Lips .. or rather, Shoes

I would describe my style as rather simple, I do not like to go over top, but keeping it clean, chic and fashion-forward. However when it comes to shoes, that's where I like to have my fun. Having a bold shoe can turn an outfit from boring to fab in one swift motion. As noted on my Fall Fashion Wish List, I really wanted leopard print shoes, and here is my first of many pairs to come.

A Guide to ... Wearing a Statement Shoe

  • The purpose of a Statement is to let the item speak for itself. Try to keep all other loud items to a minimum, especially items of the same nature. I would not pair another leopard print item with my leopard print shoe, as it would take away from the shoe's wow factor. In my outfit I paired a very simply ensemble, with neutral colours, with the focus being on my shoes and with a little pop of dark brown lipstick to add fun around my face. Although in the pictures it is difficult to see, the T-Shirt I am wearing has interesting side slits for detailing to keep the outfit still interesting.
  • Make the outfit flow. Even though the focus is on the statement piece, your outfit still needs flow and balance. Keep in mind the basic elements of a chic outfit and don't get too carried away. Remember to balance the top with the bottom, keep everything well fitting and not too tight, and have fun!
  • Don't go outside your comfort zone!!! A statement piece is supposed to be bold, but it can not outshine you. Clothes and fashion are meant to let you express your inner self with your exterior. Don't try to wear something you don't feel comfortable with because it will show. Never sacrifice your own personality and comfort levels for fashion or trends.

The Statement Shoe.

Leopard Print Bootie: Kate and Mel, Spandex Leggings: American Apparel, High Slit T. Shirt: Wilfred, Jean Jacket: Guess

- M

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Guide To .. Black is the New Black

Today my post is my first of 'A Guide To ..', and the first post; Wearing All Black. Black is a stable in most people's wardrobe, even someone like myself who prefers colour colour colour. Black is inevitable, however there is a huge difference as using black in an outfit, and wearing all black as an outfit. Today's guide is for all those who struggle, like myself with the All Black reality of many work dress codes. So how does one still look chic, fun and stylish while wearing all black. Don't look drab blahh or like you're going to a funeral everyday. Follow some of these tips and you'll be good to go!

A Guide To .. Wearing All Black

  • The first thing is putting the right items together. Of course a black dress is always the easiest and most simple way to do All Black, but no one has enough black dresses to make that their complete work wardrobe (and if you do, I'm jealous). The key is picking unusual items together, and ones of different textures, breaking up the black. By having different materials and textures, it makes the outfit look less like one big black blob. This will also add interest which colour would normally do. Also by having unexpected waist-lines or cuts within the outfit creates interest. With either a super high-waisted short as will appear below, or a very interesting neckline, this will add interest again where colour can not.
  • ACCESSORIZE ACCESSORIZE ACCESSORIZE By adding fun accessories - perhaps with colour if permitted - you can add pops of interest in subtle ways. If jewelry is allowed to be of colour then this is a small yet powerful way to add some colour near your face. As someone who is very pale, this is my problem; I get drowned out in all black, so I always try to keep colour near my face .. which leads us to the next point
  • Make up can allow for application of colour as well. Here I did a bold bright red lip to match my fun red anchor earrings. You need to keep in mind appropriateness however when playing with makeup. It is still your place of work and sophistication, elegance, and professionalism is always a must. Meaning if you do a bold lip, keep the eye-makeup to a minimum. If you choose to brighten up the eye with colour then keep a neutral lip. And as always, makeup is meant to highlight one's beauty, not cover up or create a new face. 
Take a look at my version of Black on Black on Black

With my outfit I have mixed interesting lines; a high-waisted short with different textures, using textured tights and pairing sheering with a cotton short. I also have fun accessories; a long necklace, anchor red earrings and studded flats. I also added a bold lip to match my earrings and to bring colour around my face. 

Sheer Shirt: Forever 21, Shorts: Talula, Studded Flats: Sam Edelman, Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC

- M

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Collar Play

I am in love with the super preppy, super chic trend of collars. I also am in love with the new sweater season! Here I combined both to make a preppy yet casual outfit to wear to school on a day with 9am class. Collars everywhere, on necklaces, added to basic tees and of course as layered pieces under sweaters of all types. Here is just one take on the trend, a basic, causal way of adding a bit of preppy chic to an otherwise basic long sweater and legging outfit. It is simple details as this which take a regular basic outfit to something more. As a student who also now works, I am incredibly busy and need to be comfortable for my long days of school, studying and work. Which is why I am immediately drawn to trends as such! Plus in Toronto, it's getting pretty chilly so you can always use an extra layer! I usually don't wear a belt with this sweater but because of the extra volume from the added layer of the blouse, I needed to define my waist to avoid looking like a large sack of potatoes! lol. I also added a pop of colour in my earrings because even though it's fall with winter fast approaching doesn't mean colour shouldn't be present. I will definitely be posting another take on the trend, but a dresser version of it. Try the trend out and let me know what you think! Enjoy xo.

Sweater: Gap, Leggings: American Apparel, Blouse: Talula, Earrings: Aldo, Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

- M

Thursday, 1 November 2012

BOO! Halloween

Happy November and Happy Belated Halloween! I absolutely love love love Halloween because I love the opportunity to dress up, be ridiculous and test your creative juices. I always try to be cute (aka not slutty or scary) while coming up with a creative and fun idea. I never buy costumes from the store. Of course I buy items since I am not a sewer but I never take the easy way out. So this year's idea was inspired by one of my favourite things: Starbucks. I was a Starbucks Cup! I wore all white and printed the logo on the front and back of my top. I wore white knee socks and white heels. I also involved actual items from the stores; I upped my Starbucks intake and collected sleeves to make my own giant sleeve. I also turned a lid into a hair pin to put into my hair! To make my sleeve I got a box and cut a big whole in the bottom and covered every side in all my collected sleeves! I had so much fun and hope you did too! Here's a picture from Saturday night! Enjoy xo

You are What you Eat

- M

Monday, 22 October 2012

Beauty Hit List

Makeup and beauty products are basically fashion's little sister. They are one and the other and makeup can often complete the look, whether it be a subtle lip or bold lashes and a serious pop of colour. Because I consider fashion to be art you wear, I also apply the same to makeup, but on one's face. Because I love making lists and I haven't had time to pull out my camera in a while, here's a list of some must-try items that I've used over the years and have LOVED. Try some, let me know what you think & enjoy!

  • Benetint by Benefit
  • Miss Popularity by Benefit (this actually may be discontinued but it is the best purchase I have ever made)
  • Russian Red Lipstick by MAC
  • Orgasm by Smashbox
  • Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara by Lancome
  • Burts Bees lip-balm
  • Jaqua Buttercream Frosting Lotion
  • Jaqua Pumpkin Spice Face Mask (perfect for fall!)
  • Chanel no. 5 (my perfume since I was 16 years old - it's a true classic)
  • Mistress Champagne Hand Lotion by Butter London
  • Shellac - this is a nail colour which lasts up to 2 weeks. If you haven't tried it, go to your closest spa ASAP 
  • "Take a picture .. it lasts longer" silk glimmery body balm by Benefit
  • Hello Flawless Powered Foundations by Benefit
  • Smokin Eyes Brow and Eye Kit by Benefit
  • Philosophy 3 in 1 Shampoo, Body Wash and Bubble Bath (this comes in every scent you could ever imagine. Some of my favourites: Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, Green Apple and Peach)
  • Cover FX Cream Concealar 
... It seems as if most of these items are by Benefit. I must say I am a huge fan. I have tried many companies including MAC, Clinique, Lancome, Dior and more! Although I find myself usually going back to them, until recently when I started going completely cruelty-free with all my beauty and makeup products. Here are some amazing brands if you want to do the easy switch!!!

  • Cover FX 
  • LUSH
  • Smashbox
  • Butter London
  • Too Faced
  • Live Clean
- M

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Autumn Fashion Wish List

For Spring 2012, I posted my fashion wish list and for some unexplainable reason, I have yet to make one for fall! Fall in my opinion is the best season of the entire year; for food, fashion and holidays. Out comes the best edition of Vogue during the year - and the heaviest - the September Issue. I have been guzzling Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte and indulging in Tim Horton's (yes, I am Canadian) caramel apple danish. I am so excited for Thanksgiving this weekend (and yes, being Canadian we have our holiday earlier) and will be making a Pumpkin shaped cake! But now it's time to focus on fashion now that the weather has become cool and crisp and the days are slowly getting shorter. Studs, animal print and flapper era are very big this fall which is definitely present in my list. I hope to keep up to date, showing off the items from this list later in some of my outfits, so stay tuned! Enjoy!

Autumn 2012 Fashion Wish List

  • Leopard Print Shoes - I want both flats and pumps!
  • BCBG Fringe Skirt
  • Studded Sam Edelman flats
  • Booties
  • Black Maxi Skirt
  • Envelop Clutch 
  • Marilyn Monroe by MAC lipsticks
  • Black cropped dress pants
  • Lace dress
  • Black sheer button-up top
  • Coloured Heels
  • Over-the-knee Socks
  • As many sweaters as I can buy!
  • More charms for my bracelet 
& much more

- M

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Paris, Je t'aime

If fairytales existed I swear they would all take place in Paris. Paris is a city were everyone falls in love with before they've ever been, where little girls dream of having their honeymoon and of course the first home of fashion. I had the gift of being able to travel there this summer. Although I only was there for a mere 3 days, it was the most enchanted 3 days of my life. I, being the biggest fan of bread and desserts, have never eating so well and such delicious food in all my life. It was above 30degrees Celsius everyday, my last day being 39, which made it nearly impossible to function, but regardless I spent the first two days walking everywhere and never taking the subway once, and my final day on a boat cruise and in line for 45minutes for Notre Dame. Speaking of boat tours, the 'canal tour' as it is advertised was probably my favourite experience in Paris. Already being a boat person to start, the tour was so stunning and perfect for seeing the riverside estates, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame from both a far and up close. I didn't book or buy ahead, I just hopped on right next to the Notre Dame and across the street from the Shakespeare Book Store. I don't think I need to tell any of you to visit Paris, but I will definitely urge you all to visit the Parisian Opera, as it is the most beautiful building I have ever stepped foot in. I didn't actually attend the show, but for a couple of euros you are able to tour the opera during the day. I unfortunately have yet to have an affair with a Frenchmen, but I will be going back as soon as my bank account can recover from the weekend. Enjoy and one day live in Paris!

Outside the Louvre.

Top: German Designer unknown, Skirt: Talula, Necklace: Vintage

The Opera of Paris

Crop Top: Mink Pink, Skirt: Forever 21, Watch: Fossil

Laduree - Best salad that has ever touched my lips

Arc of Triumph, map in hand

Dress: Material Girl

Garden across from Notre Dame
On the Canal Tour

Dress: Unknown Parisian Boutique, Crystal Necklace: Vintage, Sandals: Nine West

Outside the Moulin Rouge
- M

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Brussels, the land of Chocolate, Waffles and Beer

I loved Brussels so much. I actually went to two cities in Belgium; Brussels and Antwerp, but I really wan't that big of a fan of Antwerp. Brussels on the other hand was instant love. Brussels is beautiful, the architecture is quite similar to Paris and is also a French speaking city. That being said, in the central  part of Brussels it is unlike any other place. It's like a medieval city within a city itself, almost like a secret. The buildings are tall and beautiful and the streets are narrow and winding. There is no uniform grid or logic to the streets. There are ally ways going every which way, all filled with amazing restaurants and shops with tables pouring out onto the cobblestone. The city was incredibly enchanting and romantic and I definitely recommend visiting with a loved one. Now although I wasn't there for as long as I would have liked, I did have a chance to wear some noteworthy outfits and visit some incredible places. Enjoy! xo

My first real Belgian Waffle
Jean Jacket: Guess, Tank Top: T.Babaton, Shorts: Wilfred

Ladies Night Out - Starting with Sangria
Blazer: Wilfred, Dress: Material Girl, Sandals: Nine West

European Commission
Blazer: Wilfred, Tank Top: T.Babaton, Shorts: H&M, Crystal Necklace: Vintage

3 Stills of Street Life

- M

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Berlin - Poor But Sexy

As my previous post states, I spent most of the summer in Berlin studying Political Science at Humbolt University. It was incredible, not only because I was spending my summer in a foreign country exploring and partying, but also because the course which I studying was incredible. I go to The University of Toronto, the largest school in Canada which means my class sizes are huge and your profs don't really care very much about you. UofT is also known for being very technical and not hands-on, however my course, with 20 people an incredible prof, and the hands-on aspect, made it completely different to any course I've ever taken. The amazing thing about the course is that we were studying current issues within the city and country at large. This meant we learned things which our textbook and even profs could never teach us, just by meeting locals and talking to them. The most enriching lesson I ever had was coming back from my day trip to Hamburg on the train where I was sitting next to a young woman who spoke to great lengths about what I was learning. That is something no UofT classroom could provide. Here are some of my favourite experiences, shots and outfits from Berlin.
Enjoy xo

Foyer of The German Historical Museum

Jean Jacket: Guess, Printed Top: Local German Designers name Unknown, White Jeans: Guess, Sandals: Nine West, Purse: Coach

Berlin Nightfall - TV Tower
Blazer: Wilfred, Lace Top: Talula, Jeans: Current/Elliot, Navy Boots: Vintage

Old Remnants of The Wall

Jacket: Costa Blanca, Button-up: Marciano, White Tank: T. Babaton, Leggings: Calvin Klein

Viktoria Park at Sunset
The World Is Yours, Save It

The Reichstag

Floral Skirt: Vintage, Striped Top: The Gap, Necklace: Vintage, Sunglasses: Guess

- M

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Summer Abroad - Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels and Paris

Hello Everyone!

My greatest apologies, it has been years since I have posted anything. My excuse? I was studying in Berlin this summer and was as busy as a bee. I stayed in Kreuzberg, the Turkish ghetto of Berlin, which is actually the new up and coming neighbourhood for artists, students and young professionals. It was the most amazing experience and I learned far more than I ever imagined. And of course I would love to share with you some of my favourite outfits, photos and experiences from all the fabulous places I visited. Each city I went to had a unique flavour to it, especially the culture. People commonly say that once you visit multiple European cities, they all start to look the same. I disagree with this. Of course there are huge similarities, each city is exceptional in it's own way. Berlin, which I had an apartment in and stayed for the majority of the summer was the most exceptional. It is impossible to capture the distinct character of the city in words, but I will do my best. Berlin, due to it's incredible recent history is filled with a strong political presence created from the Bismarck era, to Hitler, the DDR and communism to the current. It is almost obvious that this history would then affect the culture, which in my opinion is the 'coolest' culture in Europe. A very underground, anti-capitalist music, entertainment, and fashion scene oozes 'poor but sexy' - as the Mayor of Berlin defines it. The music scene is predominantly a very minimalist deep house which the clubs (which are often abandoned buildings) keep exclusive the Berliners, non-tourist, non-douche bag or drunks. The purpose of these events are not to (like in big cities in North America) hook up, get drunk and make a fool of oneself, but rather to appreciate music. The fashion is also very hip. To me it seemed as if the real hipsters, before wannabe's took over the term hipsters, all started in Berlin. Combat boots, studs and shaved heads are basic wardrobe essentials to the girls in Berlin. Grudge is all the rage and sometimes shluppy is their chic.  As a preppy North American, it was a fun and interesting change to my usual outfits choices including polos, florals and high-waisted skirts. The final essential aspect which I would like to note which sets Berlin apart, is the financial situation. Berlin is a poor city, it has no industry except tourism, and as briefly mentioned before, Berliners hate tourism. Also to be said, Berliners don't want large capitalist enterprises moving in and ruining their city ('Fuck Media Spree' is a perfect example of this). It's almost as if Berlin is poor and it likes it like. At least I love Berlin like that, and I also enjoy 3euro bottles of wine!

Enjoy the future posts of pictures, outfits and stories!

- M

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cat Eye Sunnies

As noted on my Spring Shopping Needs post, I very much wanted Cat Eye sunglasses. I specified I wanted the Marc Jacobs. I ended up buying a different pair, but love them so much more. My new pair is the 30th Anniversary of Sexy pair from Guess. Oozing with retro-glam feel, they were exactly what I was looking for. What put them over the edge from the other pairs was the size. These were extra small frames, which fit my small face best. As much as over-sized sunnies are all the rage and have been for quite some time, these I wanted to fit perfectly on my face. So here's my new sunglasses, leopard print with a major pin-up vibe. Enjoy xo

Sunglasses: Guess, Lipstick: Nicki Minaj MAC 

- M

Sunday, 20 May 2012

High Tea

Hello my lovely followers! My apologies, it seems as it has been years since I have posted anything. I've been busy, to say the least. But with this beautiful warm weather and tea dates which have been coming at me left right and centre, I was inspired. I absolutely love afternoon tea, one because tea dates are so chic, plus tea always comes with desserts, and of course desserts are divine. This outfit I absolutely love for two reasons; my crochet cardigan and my shoes. First I'll start with the cardigan. I am so thrilled about this summer's fashion because it is so ladylike, crochet being no exception. I had searched far and wide to find the perfect one and as soon as I saw this one, I knew it was the one. Well-fitting and well-made, it was love at first sight. My shoes are also a product of lots of browsing and internet-shopping. I of course could never have enough shoes, but my closet nor my budget can handle that. I wanted to find a shoe that hit all the style elements I wanted, but also was comfortable and easy to walk in (for a 5inch heel). The good price also didn't hurt. Material Girl, Madonna's clothing line, has become one of my go-tos for going-out lines. Quite friendly on the wallet, the line offers fun unique pieces that you'll wear once without a guilty concionus. They also have shoes for under $70 which is just unheard of! So here is the outfit which I wore out with my sister for Sunday night dessert, enjoy!

Crochet Cardi: ONLY, Skirt: Silence & Noise, Shoes: Material Girl, Tank: T.Babaton, Bracelet: Coach

- M

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Va-Va Vintage

Vintage finds make up for almost the entirety of my outfit for today. There is something cool and relaxed about vintage I find, perhaps it comes in the understanding of the piece(s) of clothing being a gift from someone else to you, whether it be direct giving or through finding such an item. I have a mix of both; my Dad's old 100% cashmere sweater that I've washed and worn so many times it's shrunk down to my size. As well my belt and my shoes are vintage as well. I have had these oxford lace up for about 5 years, and have loved them every minute of those 5 years. Enjoying my first real week of Spring, I was so thrilled to get outside and have the sun warm on my face. There's nothing like coming from parkas to without-a-jacket weather. And for my causal Sunday look, I chose to go causal, chic and comfy. Enjoy!

Candid Soaking up of the Sun

Vintage Sweater: Holt Renfrew, Floral Scarf: Jacob, Jeans: Current/Elliot, Belt: Vintage, Vintage Oxfords: Browns, Earrings: Tiffany's & Co.

- M

Thursday, 1 March 2012


STRIPES. They are a very complicated, trouble-making pattern in fashion. Sometimes 'they' tell you never ever ever wear stripes, especially if you are not a size 00, but then the fashion world goes ahead and makes you fall in love with the nautical look. So I say, forget the rules! It's more fun breaking them than following anyway. So I fell in love with this top the instant I saw it. Not only is it hot pink (I can't get enough of neons), it's also nautical inspired. With it's stripes, thick cotton, and causal loose fit, I had to get it. Paired with of course my favourite pants to give it some edge, and my new super cute Betty Boop vintage over-sozed watch I love this trying to encourage the spring weather outfit. I wore this out to the bar for a night of lollies, drinks and of course a huge plate of french fries (I can not go to the bar without ordering a plate - it's a curse I swear). Anyway, here's my first official post of a spring outfit, and I can not wait to post more! Spring, get here already please! Enjoy and remember bring your lolli to the bar!

Shirt: The Gap, Faux Leather Pants: Wilfred, Watch: Vintage, Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj.

- M

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Fashion List is a Wish Your Heart Makes

For every season, I always always always make a fashion wish list of all the essential items for the upcoming season. I do this one; because I am slightly anal/weird and get super excited about making and crossing things off my list two; because it is also my attempt at smart shopping, if I know what I want ahead of time, it seems to cut down the number of impulse buys I do. So here it is, my spring shopping list. Of course, things are subject to change, well more like items will most definitely be added, (because it is midterms I haven't picked up March's edition of Vogue yet, I know, shame on me). Enjoy and get ready for spring!

Spring Wish List

  • Colourful 3/4 length sleeve Spring Jacket 
  • Hot Pink skinny jeggings
  • Turban-tying scarves (square silk scarves)
  • Cobalt Blue Blazer
  • Floral Pumps
  • Pastel Coloured Blouses
  • Oversized White Watch
  • Marc by Marc Jacob's Polka Dot Cat Eye Sunnies
  • Teal Nail Polish
  • White Michael Kors Jelly Sandals
  • Light Yellow Sundress
  • Envelop Clutch 
  • Blue Maxi Dress
  • Anything to do with bows - I'm an addict
& more to come

- M

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fall Fashion Preview - Cheap & Chic

I always find it fun, but slightly overwhelming that the fashion world works about a season and a half ahead of real life. While currently I am trying to make my shopping list for spring, I have thoughts of fall fashion 'It Items' buzzing around in my head. Not only does it make you excited for shopping for trends months away, it is also just plain confusing .. Shouldn't I be putting my skirts away, not thinking of buying them? But like always the fashion world does not stop for anyone, so here is my personal favourite show thus far. I truly believe that fashion should be fun, colourful and when used appropriately, wild. That was exactly what we saw from Moschino Cheap & Chic in London.  With New York fashion week just passing, we saw lots of dark, heavy fabrics with lots of fur. Moschino Cheap & Chic seems to be a breath of fresh, fun air. With hints of silhouettes  taking reference from the 60s, and creamy soft hues, this fall season is all about chic, girlie sophistication, my absolute favourite combination. Let me know your favourite show thus far for Fall 2012! Enjoy!

- M

Monday, 6 February 2012

I've Got the Blues

Blue. I absolutely love wearing the colour blue. I also love 100% silk, kimonos, high-waisted shorts and button down shirts. So it's safe to say, I love my outfit today. I took advantage of our freakishly warm weather today in Toronto to bring out the shorts. My attempt at trying to coax warm weather out of mother nature; let's see how that works. Anyway, my silk kimono-equse cardi is one of my new favourite pieces, because it's so versatile. I can wear it on a shluppy day over a sweater and jeans, over a dress, and basically over anything my little heart desires. It was also one of those buys where the new season's clothing JUST moved into stores, and even though spring is months away, you HAVE to start buying so you're all ready when it finally hits. It's such a trap for poor shopoholics like most of us probably are, and as much as I am aware of this, I always get caught. Fun fact, Demi Lovato was seen wearing this kimono in a black this past winter, so let's pretend that legitimizes my unnecessarily early planning for spring. Either way, I love this buy and I love this outfit, enjoy!

Kimono: Wilfred, Shirt: Talula, High-Waisted Shorts: American Apparel

- M

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Naughty Meets Nice is how I like to play with the hardware trend. My newest pair of heels follow this exact mentality; with black studs on bows at the toes, giving it the perfect balance between a potential weapon and overly-feminine footwear. Gotta love the genius designs of Sam Edelman. My bolt necklace is a beautiful piece I just got, made from real bolts and braided fabric. A one of a kind, this necklace was handmade with love. Finding unique, chic jewelry really makes an outfit stand out. Upgrade from Aldo accessories, or any other accessory chain store. Check out to find lots of original, handmade jewelry. Unleash your inner destruction diva, make plenty of duck faces, and enjoy xo.

Shoes: Sam Edelman, Jacket: Vera Moda, T-Shirt: Mossimo, Earring: Tiffany's, 

- M