Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Guide To .. Black is the New Black

Today my post is my first of 'A Guide To ..', and the first post; Wearing All Black. Black is a stable in most people's wardrobe, even someone like myself who prefers colour colour colour. Black is inevitable, however there is a huge difference as using black in an outfit, and wearing all black as an outfit. Today's guide is for all those who struggle, like myself with the All Black reality of many work dress codes. So how does one still look chic, fun and stylish while wearing all black. Don't look drab blahh or like you're going to a funeral everyday. Follow some of these tips and you'll be good to go!

A Guide To .. Wearing All Black

  • The first thing is putting the right items together. Of course a black dress is always the easiest and most simple way to do All Black, but no one has enough black dresses to make that their complete work wardrobe (and if you do, I'm jealous). The key is picking unusual items together, and ones of different textures, breaking up the black. By having different materials and textures, it makes the outfit look less like one big black blob. This will also add interest which colour would normally do. Also by having unexpected waist-lines or cuts within the outfit creates interest. With either a super high-waisted short as will appear below, or a very interesting neckline, this will add interest again where colour can not.
  • ACCESSORIZE ACCESSORIZE ACCESSORIZE By adding fun accessories - perhaps with colour if permitted - you can add pops of interest in subtle ways. If jewelry is allowed to be of colour then this is a small yet powerful way to add some colour near your face. As someone who is very pale, this is my problem; I get drowned out in all black, so I always try to keep colour near my face .. which leads us to the next point
  • Make up can allow for application of colour as well. Here I did a bold bright red lip to match my fun red anchor earrings. You need to keep in mind appropriateness however when playing with makeup. It is still your place of work and sophistication, elegance, and professionalism is always a must. Meaning if you do a bold lip, keep the eye-makeup to a minimum. If you choose to brighten up the eye with colour then keep a neutral lip. And as always, makeup is meant to highlight one's beauty, not cover up or create a new face. 
Take a look at my version of Black on Black on Black

With my outfit I have mixed interesting lines; a high-waisted short with different textures, using textured tights and pairing sheering with a cotton short. I also have fun accessories; a long necklace, anchor red earrings and studded flats. I also added a bold lip to match my earrings and to bring colour around my face. 

Sheer Shirt: Forever 21, Shorts: Talula, Studded Flats: Sam Edelman, Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC

- M

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Collar Play

I am in love with the super preppy, super chic trend of collars. I also am in love with the new sweater season! Here I combined both to make a preppy yet casual outfit to wear to school on a day with 9am class. Collars everywhere, on necklaces, added to basic tees and of course as layered pieces under sweaters of all types. Here is just one take on the trend, a basic, causal way of adding a bit of preppy chic to an otherwise basic long sweater and legging outfit. It is simple details as this which take a regular basic outfit to something more. As a student who also now works, I am incredibly busy and need to be comfortable for my long days of school, studying and work. Which is why I am immediately drawn to trends as such! Plus in Toronto, it's getting pretty chilly so you can always use an extra layer! I usually don't wear a belt with this sweater but because of the extra volume from the added layer of the blouse, I needed to define my waist to avoid looking like a large sack of potatoes! lol. I also added a pop of colour in my earrings because even though it's fall with winter fast approaching doesn't mean colour shouldn't be present. I will definitely be posting another take on the trend, but a dresser version of it. Try the trend out and let me know what you think! Enjoy xo.

Sweater: Gap, Leggings: American Apparel, Blouse: Talula, Earrings: Aldo, Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

- M

Thursday, 1 November 2012

BOO! Halloween

Happy November and Happy Belated Halloween! I absolutely love love love Halloween because I love the opportunity to dress up, be ridiculous and test your creative juices. I always try to be cute (aka not slutty or scary) while coming up with a creative and fun idea. I never buy costumes from the store. Of course I buy items since I am not a sewer but I never take the easy way out. So this year's idea was inspired by one of my favourite things: Starbucks. I was a Starbucks Cup! I wore all white and printed the logo on the front and back of my top. I wore white knee socks and white heels. I also involved actual items from the stores; I upped my Starbucks intake and collected sleeves to make my own giant sleeve. I also turned a lid into a hair pin to put into my hair! To make my sleeve I got a box and cut a big whole in the bottom and covered every side in all my collected sleeves! I had so much fun and hope you did too! Here's a picture from Saturday night! Enjoy xo

You are What you Eat

- M