Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Fashion List is a Wish Your Heart Makes

For every season, I always always always make a fashion wish list of all the essential items for the upcoming season. I do this one; because I am slightly anal/weird and get super excited about making and crossing things off my list two; because it is also my attempt at smart shopping, if I know what I want ahead of time, it seems to cut down the number of impulse buys I do. So here it is, my spring shopping list. Of course, things are subject to change, well more like items will most definitely be added, (because it is midterms I haven't picked up March's edition of Vogue yet, I know, shame on me). Enjoy and get ready for spring!

Spring Wish List

  • Colourful 3/4 length sleeve Spring Jacket 
  • Hot Pink skinny jeggings
  • Turban-tying scarves (square silk scarves)
  • Cobalt Blue Blazer
  • Floral Pumps
  • Pastel Coloured Blouses
  • Oversized White Watch
  • Marc by Marc Jacob's Polka Dot Cat Eye Sunnies
  • Teal Nail Polish
  • White Michael Kors Jelly Sandals
  • Light Yellow Sundress
  • Envelop Clutch 
  • Blue Maxi Dress
  • Anything to do with bows - I'm an addict
& more to come

- M

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fall Fashion Preview - Cheap & Chic

I always find it fun, but slightly overwhelming that the fashion world works about a season and a half ahead of real life. While currently I am trying to make my shopping list for spring, I have thoughts of fall fashion 'It Items' buzzing around in my head. Not only does it make you excited for shopping for trends months away, it is also just plain confusing .. Shouldn't I be putting my skirts away, not thinking of buying them? But like always the fashion world does not stop for anyone, so here is my personal favourite show thus far. I truly believe that fashion should be fun, colourful and when used appropriately, wild. That was exactly what we saw from Moschino Cheap & Chic in London.  With New York fashion week just passing, we saw lots of dark, heavy fabrics with lots of fur. Moschino Cheap & Chic seems to be a breath of fresh, fun air. With hints of silhouettes  taking reference from the 60s, and creamy soft hues, this fall season is all about chic, girlie sophistication, my absolute favourite combination. Let me know your favourite show thus far for Fall 2012! Enjoy!

- M

Monday, 6 February 2012

I've Got the Blues

Blue. I absolutely love wearing the colour blue. I also love 100% silk, kimonos, high-waisted shorts and button down shirts. So it's safe to say, I love my outfit today. I took advantage of our freakishly warm weather today in Toronto to bring out the shorts. My attempt at trying to coax warm weather out of mother nature; let's see how that works. Anyway, my silk kimono-equse cardi is one of my new favourite pieces, because it's so versatile. I can wear it on a shluppy day over a sweater and jeans, over a dress, and basically over anything my little heart desires. It was also one of those buys where the new season's clothing JUST moved into stores, and even though spring is months away, you HAVE to start buying so you're all ready when it finally hits. It's such a trap for poor shopoholics like most of us probably are, and as much as I am aware of this, I always get caught. Fun fact, Demi Lovato was seen wearing this kimono in a black this past winter, so let's pretend that legitimizes my unnecessarily early planning for spring. Either way, I love this buy and I love this outfit, enjoy!

Kimono: Wilfred, Shirt: Talula, High-Waisted Shorts: American Apparel

- M

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Naughty Meets Nice is how I like to play with the hardware trend. My newest pair of heels follow this exact mentality; with black studs on bows at the toes, giving it the perfect balance between a potential weapon and overly-feminine footwear. Gotta love the genius designs of Sam Edelman. My bolt necklace is a beautiful piece I just got, made from real bolts and braided fabric. A one of a kind, this necklace was handmade with love. Finding unique, chic jewelry really makes an outfit stand out. Upgrade from Aldo accessories, or any other accessory chain store. Check out www.love1saplace.tumblr.com to find lots of original, handmade jewelry. Unleash your inner destruction diva, make plenty of duck faces, and enjoy xo.

Shoes: Sam Edelman, Jacket: Vera Moda, T-Shirt: Mossimo, Earring: Tiffany's, 

- M

Friday, 3 February 2012


There are two trends that have stood out this winter as It items; the plaid flannel, and fur. Of course my fur is completely faux, but my love for flannel is completely real. Mixing and layering of different textures and patterns is a hobby of mine, and here I get to embrace and indulge myself to utmost of my desires. Today is a 'get things done day', and the best way to have a successful day, is to have a successful dressing day. Looking good makes you feel good, which makes everything you do, good! My sister will be so please my plaid shirt made it on to the blog, as she bought it for me! But there's no way it couldn't have, I absolutely adore this shirt, both comfy and trendy, I could live in it. Here's me playing pretend as a furry lumberjack, mixing two great trends together, enjoy!

Plaid Shirt: Roots, Faux Fur Vest: Vintage, Jeans: Banana Republic, Tank: Calvin Klein 

- M

Girl Crush Confession

The term 'Girl Crush' exploded about a year after Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl", when it became cool to be a straight lesbian. With the idolization of the VS Angels, everyone has their straight girl lesbian days, and of course, everyone must have a girl crush (and if you say you don't, I think you're lying). Okay, so I guess I should introduce mine, you may recognize her, being the snobby, self-ricious, bitch from The City, the spin-off from The Hills featuring Whitney Port. Olivia Palermo is definitely a straight up bitch, but she is also a straight up fashionista. She looks fierce everyday, with a lovely side of prep. Her taste is exquisite, her jewelry selection is impeccable, and her accessory of hunky eye candy doesn't hurt her cause either. Enjoy my fav bitchy girl crush, Olivia Palermo.

- M

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Faux Leather Lover

Two things to know about me: I am an animal rights activist thus I do my best in having cruelty-free fashion, and secondly, I am and have been for 4 years, a loyal fan of spandex/faux leather pants. I have four times the amount of spandex leggings that I do of cotton leggings .. so clearly I'm an addict. Today I decided to start my day off right by wearing my newest and most favourite of God's gift to the fashion world; that being spandex pants. If you don't own any, please get yourself immediately to an American Apparel to pleasure and indulge yourself with the best pants anyone could ever own. Here is today's version of my favourite piece. Please look past my Macbook's inability to take a full length shot, and for it's inability to take a decently clear picture. Enjoy, and remember that life in spandex is always better.

Faux Leather Pants: Wilfred, Silk Scarf: Valentino, Sweater: Jacob, Boots: Spring

- M