Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Put On Your Pearls, Girls!

For my 16th birthday my grandma, the chicest senior I know, gave me this coffee table book written by Lulu Guinness, a designer, and I instantly fell in love. The best picture book I've ever received, and I was addicted. I read it whenever I was upset, feeling lonely, especially fashionable, to my friends, you name it! I recently went through my coffee table books (I absolutely adore coffee table books) and stumbled upon this lovely book. I reread the book, with feelings of joy flooding back. I especially love Lulu's 12 Suggestions for Women. With this post, I want to share these 12 suggestions with you, and add my own 13th suggestion; go buy this book ASAP! Enjoy, no one is ever too old for picture books!

1. Create a style that is uniquely yours - Don't be a Slave to Fashion

2. Money does not equal style

3. Mix vintage with modern - couture with chainstore

4. If you're feeling fat - why not shop for accessories?

5. Carry bags of personality

6. Never take fashion or yourself too seriously

7. Mutton dressed as lamb is NEVER a good idea

8. Less can be more - but sometimes more is more

9. Beauty comes from the heart - Not from a jar

10. You CAN be too rich or too thin

11. Be who you were meant to be - not who others think you ought to be

12. Put On Your Pearls, Girls!

- M


  1. Hi Madeline! i loved so much rules number 2, 8 and 11 :-D great post :-)
    I adore fashion quotes!
    Nice blog here!
    What about following each other with google friend connect maybe?
    I have a fashion blog too! :-D
    Kisses from Italy!



  2. Dead on ;) xoxo


  3. not only is your blog fantastic but the pictures are amazings as well!!!!

  4. Thanks! Follow me if you like what you see :) I just started so I am super excited you ladies are so positive! xo