Thursday, 1 March 2012


STRIPES. They are a very complicated, trouble-making pattern in fashion. Sometimes 'they' tell you never ever ever wear stripes, especially if you are not a size 00, but then the fashion world goes ahead and makes you fall in love with the nautical look. So I say, forget the rules! It's more fun breaking them than following anyway. So I fell in love with this top the instant I saw it. Not only is it hot pink (I can't get enough of neons), it's also nautical inspired. With it's stripes, thick cotton, and causal loose fit, I had to get it. Paired with of course my favourite pants to give it some edge, and my new super cute Betty Boop vintage over-sozed watch I love this trying to encourage the spring weather outfit. I wore this out to the bar for a night of lollies, drinks and of course a huge plate of french fries (I can not go to the bar without ordering a plate - it's a curse I swear). Anyway, here's my first official post of a spring outfit, and I can not wait to post more! Spring, get here already please! Enjoy and remember bring your lolli to the bar!

Shirt: The Gap, Faux Leather Pants: Wilfred, Watch: Vintage, Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj.

- M

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