Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Fashion List is a Wish Your Heart Makes

For every season, I always always always make a fashion wish list of all the essential items for the upcoming season. I do this one; because I am slightly anal/weird and get super excited about making and crossing things off my list two; because it is also my attempt at smart shopping, if I know what I want ahead of time, it seems to cut down the number of impulse buys I do. So here it is, my spring shopping list. Of course, things are subject to change, well more like items will most definitely be added, (because it is midterms I haven't picked up March's edition of Vogue yet, I know, shame on me). Enjoy and get ready for spring!

Spring Wish List

  • Colourful 3/4 length sleeve Spring Jacket 
  • Hot Pink skinny jeggings
  • Turban-tying scarves (square silk scarves)
  • Cobalt Blue Blazer
  • Floral Pumps
  • Pastel Coloured Blouses
  • Oversized White Watch
  • Marc by Marc Jacob's Polka Dot Cat Eye Sunnies
  • Teal Nail Polish
  • White Michael Kors Jelly Sandals
  • Light Yellow Sundress
  • Envelop Clutch 
  • Blue Maxi Dress
  • Anything to do with bows - I'm an addict
& more to come

- M


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