Thursday, 27 September 2012

Brussels, the land of Chocolate, Waffles and Beer

I loved Brussels so much. I actually went to two cities in Belgium; Brussels and Antwerp, but I really wan't that big of a fan of Antwerp. Brussels on the other hand was instant love. Brussels is beautiful, the architecture is quite similar to Paris and is also a French speaking city. That being said, in the central  part of Brussels it is unlike any other place. It's like a medieval city within a city itself, almost like a secret. The buildings are tall and beautiful and the streets are narrow and winding. There is no uniform grid or logic to the streets. There are ally ways going every which way, all filled with amazing restaurants and shops with tables pouring out onto the cobblestone. The city was incredibly enchanting and romantic and I definitely recommend visiting with a loved one. Now although I wasn't there for as long as I would have liked, I did have a chance to wear some noteworthy outfits and visit some incredible places. Enjoy! xo

My first real Belgian Waffle
Jean Jacket: Guess, Tank Top: T.Babaton, Shorts: Wilfred

Ladies Night Out - Starting with Sangria
Blazer: Wilfred, Dress: Material Girl, Sandals: Nine West

European Commission
Blazer: Wilfred, Tank Top: T.Babaton, Shorts: H&M, Crystal Necklace: Vintage

3 Stills of Street Life

- M