Thursday, 1 November 2012

BOO! Halloween

Happy November and Happy Belated Halloween! I absolutely love love love Halloween because I love the opportunity to dress up, be ridiculous and test your creative juices. I always try to be cute (aka not slutty or scary) while coming up with a creative and fun idea. I never buy costumes from the store. Of course I buy items since I am not a sewer but I never take the easy way out. So this year's idea was inspired by one of my favourite things: Starbucks. I was a Starbucks Cup! I wore all white and printed the logo on the front and back of my top. I wore white knee socks and white heels. I also involved actual items from the stores; I upped my Starbucks intake and collected sleeves to make my own giant sleeve. I also turned a lid into a hair pin to put into my hair! To make my sleeve I got a box and cut a big whole in the bottom and covered every side in all my collected sleeves! I had so much fun and hope you did too! Here's a picture from Saturday night! Enjoy xo

You are What you Eat

- M

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