Friday, 3 February 2012


There are two trends that have stood out this winter as It items; the plaid flannel, and fur. Of course my fur is completely faux, but my love for flannel is completely real. Mixing and layering of different textures and patterns is a hobby of mine, and here I get to embrace and indulge myself to utmost of my desires. Today is a 'get things done day', and the best way to have a successful day, is to have a successful dressing day. Looking good makes you feel good, which makes everything you do, good! My sister will be so please my plaid shirt made it on to the blog, as she bought it for me! But there's no way it couldn't have, I absolutely adore this shirt, both comfy and trendy, I could live in it. Here's me playing pretend as a furry lumberjack, mixing two great trends together, enjoy!

Plaid Shirt: Roots, Faux Fur Vest: Vintage, Jeans: Banana Republic, Tank: Calvin Klein 

- M